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Blue Curacao Syrup

Blue Curacao Syrup

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INFUZA Blue Curaçao is a classic cocktail ingredient known for its bright blue color, tangy orange flavor, and tropical feel. Made from the dried peel of special oranges from Curaçao, it brings a taste of island life to drinks. Originally marketed by a Spanish family in the 1800s, it became popular by chance.

INFUZA Blue Curaçao's vivid blue color reminds you of the ocean around Curaçao's beaches, making it perfect for cocktails, mocktails, sodas, and lemonades. Its orange scent and slightly sweet taste add an exotic twist to any drink.

INFUZA Blue Curaçao adds an exotic touch to a range of beverages, including cocktails, virgin cocktails, sodas, and lemonades

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