About Us

In 2012, the Sokolovic family started the production of cultivated forest strawberries of the Regina variety, as one of the first producers of this type of strawberries in Serbia and even in this part of Europe. In just a few years, the South of Serbia, where we live and work, has become the place with the largest number of plantations of this type of strawberries. In 2015. we have opened Natura Top company as the largest producer and buyer of wild strawberries in Serbia. The size of our plantations was approximately 3 hectares and with our partners, we managed to buy about 200 tons of these strawberries.
Today, we buy about 3000 tons of fruit per year, mostly wild blueberries, strawberries, raspberries, Zenga strawberries, apricots, plums, etc. The area where we buy our fruits is known for its fruit production because it has the highest number of sunny days, which affects the sweetness of the fruits, which is known to everyone. Our company has 25 employees. The surface of the factory is about 2000 square meters. In 2021, we started producing fruit spreads with 100% fruit and frozen purees with 100% fruit, fruit syrups as well as fruit purees. In 2023 we branded our products under the name INFUZA. .